Human gut metatranscriptome changes induced by a fermented milk product are associated with improved tolerance to a flatulogenic diet

Published on April 08, 2022 by Julien Tap

diet microbiome metatranscriptome fermented symptoms

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In a recent study1, we combined taxonomic, functional, and network analysis from shotgun metatranscriptomics analysis of fecal samples, which were collected during the ingestion of a habitual diet and two series of a 3-day high-residue challenge diet, before and following 28-days of fermented milk product (FMP) consumption.

FMP consumption was associated with the depletion of gas-producing bacteria and increased hydrogen to methane conversion. It also led to the upregulation of activities such as replication and downregulation of functions related to motility and chemotaxis.

We showed new mecanistic insights about how active FMP may help to improve disgestive confort under high-residue challenge diet.