Fermentation microbiome projects

Published on April 01, 2023 by Julien Tap

fermented microbiome project

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Here are a list of fermented foods related projects where I am involved:

Grand Défi Ferments du Futur

Ferments du Futur is a public-private partnership built to accelerate research and innovation in ferments, fermented foods and biopreservation, thereby promoting


DOMINO is a Horizon Europe funded research project aiming to attribute health benefits to traditional fermented foods, and to develop novel plant-based fermented


The objective of Metasimfood project is develop generic scientific approaches to help rapidly understand and anticipate the effects of multiple and complex changes related to modifications associated with fermented food production (sustainability issues). One of main guideline is to learn how to use the biodiversity of food microbiota as a lever.


The challenge of COST-PIMENTO (CA20128-Promoting Innovation of ferMENTed fOods) is to federate the scientific community and key stakeholders working on FF. The idea is to collectively advance scientific evidence of their health benefits, building benefits/risk approach 5 order to promote multi-modal innovation and meet the expectations of European communities.