The Gut Microbiota for Health summit organized by AGA with ENSM took place in Miami, 8-9 March 2014.

GMFH 2014 Miami

Scientific exchanges were around the role of gut microbiota in various disease like IBS, IBD and metabolic syndrome like obesity. Six workshop were organized related for instance to issues surrounding fecal microbiota transplant. Gut brain axis was also a hot topics. The summit was broadcasted live (see the webcast) and associated with tweets under the hastag #GMFH2014

Miami GMFH2014

More about the gut microbiota for health 2014 summit with the digital press folder and the GMFH2014 storify. Generally, you can find more informations about this event and gut microbiota events at The official summit report is now available as a PDF by following this link.

The 4th Gut Microbiota for Health Summit will be held in Barcelona in March 2015.